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the ocean city beach patrol says life guards did 3200 rescues, which is down 200 from last year. lifeguards left the coast on sunday and a beach goers are encouraged to stay out of the water into the live cards returned to the next summer. spotsylvania county, virginia is sponsoring an event where groups every saturday in october can get paid $4 for every bag of litter. girl scouts, boy scouts, and high school bands often turn out to raise money for their schools. money troubles for it the headstart program in d.c. schools. the program could not account for more than $300 in administrative and training expenses between 2007 and 2009 and was consistently late in providing required financial status reports. but according to an audit by the u.s. department of health and human services. school officials say they have addressed issues in the audit and they plan to implement
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stronger controls. coming up, of women making progress in the workforce? lawmakers look closely at the gender pay gap for bosses. there is a new template that will take computer lovers by storm. today and "the oprah show", jenny mccarthy opens up boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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>> the nation's capital has some of america's wealthiest workers. d.c. workers have the highest salaries of any major city in the u.s., earning $85,000. that is the latest data from the census bureau annual survey.
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the report says the district was essentially flat from 2008 through 2009 but every other major metro area suffered a drop in incomes. there's a new congressional investigation. a new report outlines how far women have come and how far we have to go still. the gender pay gap is shrinking, but only slightly. female managers now earn 81 cents for every dollar earned by their male manager counterparts. compared with 79 cents before 2000. female managers are 40% of the management workforce. that is up from 39%. >> what is most startling is the little progress we have made. even though there's a bright spot in educational gains, we are closing the educational gap, but not closing the pay gap. >> women are becoming the
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majority of the workforce, controlling consumer spending, and out-earning their husbands. blackberry showed off its new blackberry playbook in san francisco. it features a seven-inch screen, half the size of the ipad. it has a front and back camera. it and where it as a phone through a short-range wireless link. it will launch next year. still ahead, its final look
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women in australia are not letting high-heeled shoes slow them down, they had the fastest relay race in stilettos, a world record. they were wearing three-inch heels. the guinness world record officially confront this. they've won $10,000. 100 women and one man or in the race, which raised money for breast cancer research. i wonder how many sprained ankles there were. >> they do an event on 17th street each year before halloween. there are a lot of white ballots. that is interesting. >> it was for a good cause. >> exactly. this afternoon we have temperatures that will reach the
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low 80s. the extended outlook shows late tomorrow, showers. teddy rain expected on thursday with highs in the mid 70's. when the system goes through, as out of cooler and warmer fresh air in time for the weekend. taste of bethesda on saturday, temperatures in the mid to upper 60's with sunshine. sunshine sticks around sunday and monday with nighttime lows in the upper 40's by friday night. everything is working out to our of advantage. we need the rain, but not all at once. thursday there is heavy rain. >> thank you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. thanks for joining us.
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